Super late delivery by FedEx

Ordered 2 Xiaomi Phone from with one ship using FedEx and another UPS. FedEx requires up to 2 weeks to deliver while UPS only need 1 week, what a slow service by FedEx.

Andre Belfort Watch


The Deal : Groupon

At first thought this deal too good to be true but after did some google… Chinese watches came up.

Alert From Internet:
Blacklist watches:

Response from Groupon: from groupon

1Malaysia Harga Proton Waja Di Arab Saudi

Saw this from one of the forward Email…

Kenapa Proton tak jual harga macam kat Arab Saudi?
Apa istimewanya orang Arab?

Kata ”Rakyat didahulukan”…..
Kenapa orang Arab lebih diutamakan?

Haaaa…..Jawapannya ialah…..Pemilik Proton di Malaysia semuanya dah kena tipu …..Hahaha

Harga Persona kat Saudi  = SR 36,100
Harga Gen2 kat Saudi = SR 33,600
Harga Waja kat Saudi = SR  37,950

1 Saudi Riyal = RM 0.94

Maknanya harga Persona kat Saudi = RM 33,934 aje
Maknanya harga Proton Gen2 kat Saudi = RM 32,256 aje
Maknanya harga Waja kat Saudi = RM 35,673 aje

1 Malaysia bayar RM 66,799.97 untuk 1 Waja di Msia!
RM31,126.97 lebih MAHAL!

Malaysia Government suppose to protect their people instead of cheating their hard earnings..!!