Housemate Wedding Dinner

27 September 2008, attend my ex housemate wedding dinner. I have know felix since early 2005 and I must say he is very good & friendly person. He taught me a lot of stuff then i first went out into working world example how to do my financial planning, importance of insurance etc.

The location of the wedding dinner was at flowerdrum restaurant at bukit bintang area and the food served is superb. I ate so much nice food especially the fish & prawns… but a lot of wastage as more than half pot of tiger prawn no one eat, I guess those people in my table afraid of cholesterol.

I did endulge myself in lots of good food that night but sadly I know no 1 from my table which is kinda bored me to death as those sit at my table comes with partner or friends.

Felix the men in black

Dinner Menu

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